Besides formulas verified and approved by the Belgian health authorities, Vitaminor has, together with MediProspect s.a., an expert team of pharmacists and doctors, who develop formulas, check the feasibility of production and work closely with the best producers of approved raw materials.

The Vitaminor range comprises of nutritional complexes that have been approved for circulation on the European market. They are issued by the Federal Public Service of Brussels and the Italian Ministry of Health authorities (France, for instance, exercises a control but does not issue certifications). Once these documents are obtained, the information must appear on the boxes, preceded by the three letters "Nut" or "Nut/Pl". These are only granted after careful analysis and study of all documentation. This control also includes the verification of allegations of direct communication on the boxes or vials.

Thus, in addition to European registration, the products are duly notified a second time to the authorities of each country where the brand has decided to establish its presence.

During these different regulatory presentations, each country can impose some specific practices according to its own health laws or stick to the European laws and to the simple original notification from Brussels. In the event of discrepancies, the consumer can seek the assistance of European and national authorities and report any concerns relating to the manufacturer's legal obligations.

EFSA buiding
Federal Public Service