Distribution Platform

The two purposes of the Vitaminor Europe distribution platform:

Located in the premises of Orthofoods Laboratories, Vitaminor's distribution platform spreads throughout Europe and the world. It is primarily the storage and distribution center for the revitalized Vitaminor brands for all countries in the European community. It is also the center of the brand's specific communication and is in charge of organizing educational assignments to the population of healthcare professionals.

Is naturally responsible for the expansion and development of the Vitaminor brand for each country through two distinct and complementary roles and functions.

1. Logistic role of the platform Vitaminor Europe:

Installed on a protected and privileged site, this distribution platform has the most modern facilities to handle and ensure at a constant temperature the conservation of food products.

The fact that the Vitaminor range is manufactured and distributed from one place and the products are directed directly to the consumer through internet sales and correspondence, avoids long journeys by truck and many temporary handling and storage at Importers or resellers, greatly improving the preservation of the quality and freshness of dynamically-enhanced orthomolecular complexes.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art computer equipment, present at all levels of each of our responsibility centers, we are able to manage all our functions and tasks, but also, from 24 hours of delay, to deliver our products to any European city with maximum security.

Regardless of the country where you are installed, you can transmit your order over the phone by calling a national landline number which exempts you from the cost of international calls. In addition you can make your orders very quickly and for free using the sales interface of the website of your own country. On our websites each sales interface offers complete security for the anonymity and use of bank credit cards.

2. Communication and development role of the Vitaminor Europe platform:

As unique dealers in a range of exceptional products as different from other products in the food supplement market, it is our duty to ensure both communication with professionals and the public, but also to ensure its progress and its future development. Our philosophy has always been to get as close as possible to pharmaceutical and medical ethics. We therefore focus almost all of our communication on the medical, health and veterinary professions to the detriment of "mainstream" advertising that we find less appropriate. Indeed, ethically, the ideal is that a product for the purpose of prevention or for the purpose of therapeutic aid is recommended and prescribed by a professional informed and trained in the specialty. That is why the essence of our communication is to organize throughout Europe lectures, seminars and webinars on teaching and scientific training related to the practice of orthomolecular nutrition. For this and to obtain the best result in terms of relevance and quality, we surround ourselves with lecturers and pedagogues of very high level, all international referents in their specialty. In addition, these meetings around the same alternative therapeutic approach creates the conditions for exchanges and privileged relationships with Vitaminor, but also and especially between professionals with the same desire to open their knowledge to more natural techniques. effective but without adverse health consequences.