About us

"Our team of individuals are committed to reveal the knowledge, methods and products that through healthcare experts help emotional and physical balance, ultimately contributing to the welfare of people"

In our platform at VITAMINOR EUROPE, our team possesses the passion and motivation to complete the tasks at hand. Ranging from our logistics department to our team of qualified physicians that are responsible for conveying the Orthomolecular nutrition knowledge. Orthomolecular Nutrition helps in therapies applied by each of our Health Professionals which as aforementioned have the passion and motivation to contribute in the performance of the population's welfare.

Our aim is to efficiently develop the required tasks. We attend to health services that VITAMINOR offers to the different European Countries. This service is based on three concepts: product, communication and logistics.

Our identity values are reflected in the following letter of intention:

M.E.R.I. Vitaminor