What is Vitaminor?

Since its creation in 1998, Sainclair Medicom Ltd, creator of the Vitaminor range, aims to offer physicians specialised in nutritional supplements an exhaustive and high-performance therapeutic aid tool, in the form of special natural orthomolecular complexes thoroughly tested and developed to achieve maximum cellular bioavailability and thus, therapeutic efficiency.

Once these complexes have been created, it was decided to increase their bioavailability using two original manufacturing elements:

  • Adding weighted micronisation to the components.
  • Dynamising with the exclusive BEQ® process.

All this reflects the VITAMINOR range and its differences with similar products. In order to achieve these exceptional results, Sainclair Medicom has partnered with MediProspect s.a., acclaimed specialist in the development of high-quality nutritional formulas and, most specifically, the development of formulas based on the approach advocated by orthomolecular medicine.

Sainclair Medicom has always defended ethical practices which tend to abide by the rule that a nutritional complex, in order to be relevant, should as often as possible be recommended and prescribed by a health professional trained in this particular approach.

MediProspect s.a. scientifical department, in collaboration with doctors from various countries of the European Community, is continually developing scientific knowledge and progress contributing to production improvement. This has rapidly given rise to the international reputation of the VITAMINOR range.

Specificities of the Vitaminor range:

  1. Manufactured in accordance with HACCP/GMP pharmaceutical standards (Bio and ISO 22000 in progress).
  2. Scientific research, manufacturing control and legal compliance by Medi Prospect SA Geneva (Switzerland).
  3. Double sampling of raw materials.
  4. Preservation of active ingredients.
  5. Systematic preference for natural nutrients with an established traceability.
  6. A dynamised organic excipient (Ecocert®).
  7. Minerals in organic form (Bisglycinates).
  8. Approved pharmaceutical plants.
  9. Chemotyped essential oils.
  10. Ultra-refined fish oils. (Do not contain heavy metals).
  11. Synergistic formulas rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements and plants accurately measured to optimise the action of complexes.
  12. Fish gelatine capsules.
  13. Weighted micronisation of the formula's components.
  14. Use of the BEQ® process (Bio - Electro - Quantum) to improve cellular bioavailability.