B.E.Q.® and weighted Micronization: The energy is our ally.

Our Research Service, while searching for a greater efficiency, has developed a unique process that stimulates by an exclusive and determinant technique in terms of cell penetration and involves the stimulation of the components of the formula. It is an international patent called Bio-Electro-Quantique (BEQ®).

The patent BEQ improves the cellular penetration of the formula and increases its efficiency. Vitaminor is the first energized food supplement.

B.E.Q.® and Weighted Micronization

The Energy

The technique of preparing the BEQ is based on Dr. Schüssler's work. It is a technique with decimal dilutions. The phenomenon of enhancement provided by this unique method of preparation, includes postulates of quantum mechanics. The method was developed in 1929 by Pfeiffer Erthenfried in accordance with the opinion of Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy Society.
This dynamisation to D6, assists in the ultimate effectiveness of each formula. Vitaminor, is a reference in modern orthomolecular nutrition since 1997 and is only recommended by health professionals.
Vitaminor is now available to all consumers and offers highly effective nutritional complexes with compounds of high quality. All formulaein the complexes meet general as well as specific human body needs. This original concept of dynamisation is the subject to international registration, owned by Sainclair Medicom Ltd. (London).
BEQ. A technological breakthrough that adds real value. This is innovation!

Weighted Micronization

Micronization is the process of reducing the average diameter of a solid material's particle. This process focuses on mechanical means.
The smaller the particles, the greater is the contact surface of the preparation, which improves the diffusion of the product in the organism and increases the penetration of the product. Besides, a smaller sized element has greater posibilites of being absorbed by the cell.
Our product benefits from a mechanical micronization that does not disturb the biological activity of micronized substances and takes into account the specificity of each ingredient. Such micronization is particularly adapted to orthomolecular nutrition and to the different granulometry depending on the nature of the materials used. The objective is to refine them to ensure the conservation of its molecular structure.